Rediscover the Luxury of Fun With Chrysler 300

There's no question that the Chrysler 300 is a leader among full-size luxury sedans in its category. It has sophisticated looks, handles smoothly and boasts the kind of advanced tech features usually found on trendy SUVs and sports cars.

Remote-Controlled Operation

Self-driving cars are a way off, but the remote-controlled Chrysler 300 is already here. Its infotainment hub, UConnect, has a smartphone and smartwatch app of the same name. The app helps your phone or watch communicate with the UConnect hub inside the Chrysler 300, letting you remotely activate AC, heat, locks, lights and the horn. You can also transmit directions to your navigation system and locate your Chrysler 300 using Vehicle Finder.

Personal Mobile Hotspot

The Chrysler 300 comes equipped with a built-in mobile hotspot that hosts up to eight devices simultaneously. Data speeds at 4G LTE make quick, easy work of browsing and streaming, while unlimited data for a few extra dollars gives you high-speed around the clock.

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