The Dodge Grand Caravan is known as one of the most comfortable minivans available. Besides its large interior space and sleek design, the Grand Caravan is also known for having excellent fuel economy. Here are a couple of features that make the Grand Caravan a top choice for fuel-conscious drivers.

The current model year Grand Caravan has a complete retooled transmission that works better with the timing of the engine shifts. This allows the transmission to operate more efficiently conserve fuel. During higher speeds, the Grand Caravan can shift more smoothly to improve drive feel and fuel economy.

When it comes to improving fuel economy, this year's Dodge Grand Caravan turned its attention to the minivan's tires. The Grand Caravan comes standard with improved, low-resistance 17-inch tires that help reduce fuel consumption on highway speeds. Overall, the Grand Caravan has a combined fuel economy rating of 25 miles per gallon. On a full tank of gas, the Grand Caravan has a potential range of 500 miles.

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