Ram 1500 Exterior Features Revealed

The Ram 1500 has been known as one of the most popular light-duty pick-up trucks. The key to the 1500's popularity is the number of exterior features available. Here are two of the most popular exterior features on the current year's 1500 pick-up truck.

The available multifunction tailgate is a first of kind with a 60/40 split open that allows you to easily access the bed. If you need to load small items, you can simply open the smaller door. For larger items, you can opt to only open the larger door. If you need full access to the bed, you can open both tailgate doors. The multifunction tailgate is also ideal for forklift loading and loading bulky items.

If you want to easily get inside the bed of the Ram 1500, you can use the available kick-out bed step. Simply kick the step open and you'll be able to easily step up onto the bed. This will allow you to load and unload items with less effort.

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